Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Welcome to the Thorpe St Andrew Tree Warden Walks page

Walks with the Tree Wardens 2016

Join us in a series of walks around Thorpe St Andrew, exploring aspects of local history and looking at the birds and other wildlife, flowers and trees that make the area special.

Belmore Wood
Tuesday 12th July 7.00PM 
Meet South Hill Road entrance to woods
A lovely piece of mixed woodland, full of birds and with some good specimen trees. We will stop to look at the remains of the ‘Secret Army’ base, the once extensive system of ponds and the giant redwood near Pound Lane.
By permission of the Thorpe and Felthorpe Trust
Level, c90-120 minutes. Stout footwear if wet and insect repellent advised.

Postwick Grove
We may add a date for Postwick grove later in the summer, if the path has been cut!

For information on each of the walks, go to the links to the right of the page ( look under previous years as well as this year)

I aim to complete details of all the walks over the next few weeks, together with background information on local and natural history, some photographs, maps, and links to other places of interest on the web.
The idea is that people can have all the details we have found over the years available in one place, and  hopefully they will also comment! Good, bad or indifferent, I don't mind - and you can always make some suggestions for future walks.

Feel free to download any of the information here and do let me know of any errors.


  1. Do we need to book for these walks?
    Mary Ash

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  4. Are you planning any walks for 2017 and, if so, will they be advertised in the Thorpe St Andrew newsletter?

    Many thanks

  5. Any tree warden walks for 2017 please